Wednesday, March 31, 2010

First post from my mobile phone - fly b340 ds

This is my first blog post from my phone, fly b340 ds. The blogger page showed up pretty decent in Opera mini. The Airtel mobile office has been giving me decent speed for a GPRS connection. Although I have not been able to use my fly b340 ds as a modem to browse from my pc.After multiple calls to airtel cust care i have lost hopes as they said that fly is not a guaranteed model for using GPRS. My only hope was the Fly customer care. But the number provided in their website is an invalid one.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gmail Filters

       My Gmail account was in a big mess full of spam messages and Orkut messages. I was desperately looking for a way to filter out all the Internet job related spam emails that I have been receiving from multiple email addresses. Gmail Filters was the perfect solution for my problem.

What is a Gmail Filter

  A Filter is a condition/Set of Conditions that is configured based on which the emails are going to be filtered. And also gmail filters gives you the flexibilty to decide as to what needs to be done with those messages.

Following are the steps that I had followed to configure a filter.

Step 1:-  Identify the filter criteria. In my case I had to filter out all the messages that had the text "Internet workers" subject.

Step 2 :-  Go to Gmail --> Setings (top right corner of the main page)

Step 3:- In the Settings page go to Filters tab.

Step 4:-  Click on Create a New Filter.In the next page enter the criteria based on which the messages need to be filtered. In this case I have entered the text "Internet workers. Earn" in the "Has the words" section. Once this is entered, click on Test search to get the list of messages in Inbox that satisfy the filter criteria.


 Step 5:- Once the list of messages are displayed, click on Next Step to select the action to be performed with the messages filtered by Gmail filter.

Step 6: - In the next page we can choose the action to be performed on the filtered message. I am chosing to delete the message from Inbox. Please note that filter will be active for the messages that will be received after creating the Gmail filter. To apply the Gmail filter to the emails currently in the Inbox, select the checkbox that says "Also apply filter to xx conversations below" Click on Update filter.

Now the filter will be applied to all the messages that arrive in the Inbox.The Gmail filters are very similar to the Rules and Alerts feature in Microsoft Outlook. For more details on Gmail filters Visit the below links

Sunday, March 28, 2010

GPRS Settings for Fly Circle B340 DS

Fly circle mobile comes pre-loaded with the GPRS settings of most of the service providers. I was able to browse using my idea gprs connection. But if you are going for airtel mobile office,then we need to configure the settings manually.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

AS400 or the Sytem I

This post is about the computing server platform called as AS400.  I have been working on this for last 3.5 years and decided to come up with a post about this.Also I am planning to start an AS400 tutorial series.

AS400 or the System I

AS400 also known as the System I is a powerful midrange computing system from IBM. Initially when this was introduced way back in 1987 it was called the AS400. Later it was renamed as the eServer i Series in 2000 .IBM was not yet done with the naming that they finally gave its name System I as part of the Systems Branding Initiative in 2006.


The IBM System i platform extended the System/38 architecture of an object-based system with an integrated DB2 relational database. The IBM System i includes an extensive library-based operating system, i5/OS, and is also capable of supporting multiple instances of AIX, Linux, Lotus Domino, Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003.


Programming languages available for the AS/400 include RPG, assembly language, C, C++, Pascal, Java, EGL, Perl, Smalltalk, COBOL, SQL, BASIC, PHP, PL/I, Python and REXX. Several CASE tools are available: AllFusion Plex (see *Plex Wiki), ADELIA, Synon, AS/SET, IBM Rational Business Developer Extension, LANSA and ProGen Plus. The IBM System i fully supports the Java language, including a 32-bit Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and a 64-bit JVM.

Left Outer Join Issue

This is a post in continuation of my previous post where I had described an issue I had faced with Outer join. And the solution that I had mentioned at the end of it was not correct. In fact the query that I had put in was also incomplete. Following line describes the issue and the solution. Consider two tables

Employee - 

Employee (Number) - (10 distinct records)
Department (Char)

Manager -

Employee Number (Char) - (3 records matching with TableA)
Employee Name(Char)
Manager (char)

Requirement:- Select the list of all employee numbers,Employee Name. For normal employees, employee name can be blanks while for managers select the correct name from Manager table.

I wrote the following query to achieve the same using a Left Outer Join.

Select A.EmpNo,ifnull(B.EmpName,' ') from Employee A Left Outer Join
Manager B On A.EmpNo = B.EmpNo Where B.IsManager = 'Y'

This query should ideally return 10 records since a Left Outer Join is done. But here
the query would return only 8 records i.e. it would function like an Inner Join.

Why:- Here the where condition is applied on the Joined table. Since for the mis- matching rows the value is null, the where condition would fail hence that row would be omitted. Here is an alternate solution

Select A.EmpNo,ifnull(B.EmpName,' ') from Employee A Left Outer Join
(Select * From Manager Where IsManager = 'Y') B On A.EmpNo = B.EmpNo

This would work as there is no where condition applied on the null columns.

Thanks Lynne Roll and all other System i Network users for this piece of learning.

Click here to go to the System i Network thread. ; Forum Post

Fly Circle B340 DS User review

I had brought this phone for 3450/- this week and with what I have seen Its absolutely worth the price.


The looks are really good and the navigation and the menus are also good.
The social networking features are impressive although I was not able to get Nimbuzz run on this.
Tried Snaptu and Opera Mini with IDEA GPRS and they are just working fine except for low connection speeds at times.
Got GoTalkMobile (GTALK for mobile) installed and is working real good.
Was able to use the webcam feature with Skype
Bluetooth is just fine with good speed.
Security settings look impressive although I am about to test them
Audio quality is ok.


The Nimbuzz issue with IDEA GPRS is still bugging me.
Had issues with using mobile as webcam with Yahoomessenger which kept crashing.

Are you a Fly Circle B340 DS User??

This post just for all the new Fly cirle users.

Are you facing issues with your pc not detecting the memmory in the phone?

Fly provides its own set of drivers for USB data cable downloadable from Fly mobile web site A soft copy of the user manual is also available for download here.
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